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Company Overview

› ARDCO Business Plan for Sustainable Income Generation Through Natural Energy

Africa Resources Development Company, Limited, (ARDCO), is a BVI registered, International Energy Resources Development, Industrial Utilization, Processing and Marketing Company created as a Strategic Advisor and Especial Purpose Vehicle to facilitate the cooperation between Natural Resources Producing Countries in Africa, the Know How and Financial Capability of China and International Investors.

This cooperation was envisioned in early 2002 in China, during meetings pursuant to create “new standards” in oil Production in Nigeria. It had to be for their mutual benefit and progress, in response to the obvious need of Capital Investment in the African Nations rich in Resources and Human capital, but lacking the necessary financial strength to be self sufficient. ARDCO will acquire the right to promote, develop and participate in the Development of Hydrocarbon rich Fields, making sure those operations are carried with the highest standards and with a single goal in mind: to maximize the value of the company and that of its Strategic Ally’s assets while benefiting the host Communities where ARDCO will be present.

ARDCO’S vision is to be part of a new standard for profitable exploration, production, operation, and processing companies, creating value for its shareholders through the application of appropriate technology and flawless execution of its operations. The model presently being utilized is that of Quantum Reservoir Impact, QRI’s Incremental Production Value Creation. The respect and attention given by QRI to Value maximization through Efficient Reservoir Management and Production, ensures not only success to the Development, but the incremental production value maximization for the Investor. The President of ARDCO, presently supports QRI, as an important member of QRI’S Strategic Development Team for Africa and Latin America. See › www.leadingreservoirs.com

Petroleum Industry Alliance’s, significant expertise in exploration, production and operation of oil and gas fields, allows ARDCO to be well positioned to become the Technical Services and Financial Strategic Partner for Indigenous Oil Companies and Private Investors. To support it’s efforts and operations in Nigeria, and in Latin America,  ARDCO has created and maintain solid Operational Relationships with some of the best senior Industry’s technical, management and operating people in China, the US and Nigeria, with an average experience of 30 years. The advantage to this group is their ability to bring together, as it has demonstrated so far, technicians that have worked globally as individuals and/or together in former organizations, such as Emerald Energy Resources, Mobil, Bluewater, SINOPEC, CNPC, and QRI, to apply appropriate technologies to the corporation’s selected producing assets in Africa and Latin America

Market Opportunity

The international oil and gas industry is a mature business and ARDCO has entered this Arena with a focus on how to successfully promote Africa’s development through Energy Resources Utilization while protecting their Environment. This creates demands for high technology and its proper utilization for the major companies concentrating on Africa’s large field development. ARDCO is ready and will abide by this tenet. The trust on the demonstrated experience of QRI to do this well, is being recompensed with a close Cooperation Contract as New Standards for Production Adviser to NIGERIA on Oil Development.

The long-term demand for oil and gas is bright. Furthermore, the United States Government has taken a strategic interest in West Africa, especially Nigeria, to bring more stability and security as well as to diversify the nation’s source for oil supply. The quality of Nigerian crude is among the best in the world, and is used from Saudi Arabia to Venezuela as their “oil of choice for blending”. Most of that blended crude comes to the US.

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