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Business Strategy

› ARDCO Business Plan for Sustainable Income Generation Through Natural Energy

ARDCO’S administrative, technical and operating “Alliance” teams are working together to acquire, evaluate, develop, process and operate oil and gas fields with initial emphasis on Nigeria, while building the right Utilization and Processing Plants to produce the planned products destined to China and World markets. Once our ability to secure funding for this type of development is recognized in Africa as vital to their development, and the right “Incremental Value production and operation structure” is put in place with the cooperation of QRI and supported by our aforementioned Technical “Alliances”, the following business strategies will be implemented:

*Acquire an interest in fields with great recoverable or proven reserves that have  significant upside potential, and secure  when  necessary and appropriate, a “bankable  independent Reserves Audit Report on those reserves”.

*Ensure the application of the most appropriate technology to maximize the field’s  ultimate recovery and the value of the  resource.  Make certain that the off-take;  utilization and processing programs are ready to ensure success of the  development of  the fields.  Technology will also be provided to others.

*Ensure flawless execution of the field development and operations.

*Treat all employees, communities and contractors with dignity and respect.

*Comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which we operate.

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